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Iowa Football: Hawkeyes Release Week 7 Depth Chart vs. Illinois

Only one notable change this week from the depth chart we saw vs. Nebraska.

Middle Tennessee v Iowa
The former tight end has bulked up into a prototypical offensive tackle.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The Iowa Hawkeyes kept up the good momentum with another win last week. The 26-20 victory over the Huskers was the closest of Iowa’s four wins this season, but it was enough to make it six in a row over Nebraska and four in a row in the 2020 season.

Following yet another victory, this week’s depth chart is predictably similar to a week ago with really only one change of note.

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Noted Changes

  • After missing last week, Jack Kallenberger is officially off the depth chart this week
  • Jack Plumb, who started a week ago, is listed as the starter in place of Kallenberger
  • Nick DeJong, who had been listed as the backup to Kallenberger a week ago, has fallen off the depth chart with Coy Cronk listed as the primary backup to Plumb


Not a lot to take away here, but it is a bit of an interesting development that Jack Plumb appears to be in line for two straight starts at right tackle. Plumb, who came to Iowa as a prep tight end, certainly looks the part at 6’7” and 293 pounds. Who played pretty well in his first career start, but the line as a whole was noticeably worse last week.

The question really is whether the dropoff in run game production was a result of the line shakeup or something the Cornhuskers were doing defensively. Iowa seemed to get things going a bit more in the second half on Friday, which is a good sign for the matchup with Illinois this week.

It is worth noting that Cronk is apparently healthy enough to make the two-deeps, but has not won back his starting job. That has to be frustrating for a grad transfer who was looking to improve his NFL draft stock, but perhaps should be taken as a really strong sign for Hawkeye fans that Plumb may be the real deal. We’ll know more Saturday afternoon.