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Iowa Football Stats to Watch: Nebraska

The running game will determine the outcome... again.

Iowa v Nebraska
Dear Nebby. Hugs and Kisses. Keith
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m the guy who plays Madden and loves running the football. Not fancy, schmancy plays. Power football. I do like it when the Hawks run out of the shotgun, jet sweep, etc... but if I’m playing Madden, throwing the ball sucks. I’ve become this “Get off my lawn” old dude watching Iowa football. I want us to run the ball. I want us to stop the run. Pretty simple formula. At least from my computer desk or while tweeting from my phone.

Iowa’s Run Defense vs Nebby Running Game

Iowa v Penn State
Kirk approves of good O-Lines and D-Lines
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Our Hawkeyes are allowing 102.6 rushing yards a game on the year. This is steadily improving as the year goes on. Our front 4/5 and linebackers are playing at a high level. Our Cash has been making plays as well. Nebraska looks similar to Penn State in that their quarterbacks have been called on to run the ball a great deal. Luke McCaffrey is averaging 79.5 yards on the ground this year with 3 TD’s. Adrian Martinez is averaging 65.0 yards rushing with 1 TD. As a team, the Huskers are averaging 198.8 yards rushing with an average of 4.9 yards. That’s very good. If the name McCaffrey gives you night terrors like it does me, take a deep breath. Luke has some skill. I enjoyed the 2016 Rose Bowl pregame and kickoff. After that it’s all kind of a blur because of Luke’s brother who will not be named. Phil Parker’s Punishers need to legally hit McCaffrey hard and often. If we make Nebraska one-dimensional, good things are in store.

Iowa’s Running Game vs. Nebby Rush Defense

Blackshirts are a thing?

Eventually teams are going to figure out that they should throw the kitchen sink at Spencer Petras and load the box. We’ve seen this, but not as much as I would expect. If I’m a defensive coordinator, I’m going to make him beat me. Until that happens, our boys running over their boys is kinda fun to watch. Nebraska is allowing 223.3 yards on the ground. If I’m Brian Ferentz I tell my guys I want to double that on Friday. Tyler Goodson and Mekhi Sargent have been an effective one-two punch. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t run all over Nebby. Look for Spencer to connect on a deep ball on Friday as well. We will run, run, run, and Spencer of the bad facial hair is going to hit on a bomb. You heard it here first.

Matt Campbell?

Matt Campbell says “Stop right there. I don’t want the job.”

One of these years, the Matt Campbell-led Nebraska Cornhuskers are going to bite us. Until then, Keith Duncan sends his best wishes. Go Hawks!