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13 Hours Until Iowa Basketball: Austin Ash

Bench mob reigns

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a weird year. The start of Hawkeye basketball is imminent amidst a delayed football season. We’ll continue our postponed countdown over the next 24 hours. Next up: Austin Ash

Austin Ash
Guard, 6’3”, 179 lbs
Cedar Rapids, IA. (Mt. Vernon)

A walk-on from Cedar Rapids, Ash is one of six redshirt juniors on the team at a crowded position.

He played in five games last season, setting season highs in just about every category against Nebraska, as one tends to do.

Ash will be a classic bench mobber and floor mopper on an Iowa team that shouldn’t have any problem at all with the scraps on the schedule. Like at most basketball programs, there isn’t much room for walk-ons to see significant time, and if Ash hasn’t broken through yet, he likely won’t.

In the meantime, that’s a great photo he has with Luka Garza up there.