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3 Hours until Iowa Basketball: Jordan Bohannon

JBo has achieved beyond basketball

Iowa v Iowa State
3 Ball, Baseline Pocket
Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

It’s been a weird year. The start of Hawkeye basketball is imminent amidst a delayed football season. We’ll continue our postponed countdown over the next 24 hours. Next up: Jordan Bohannon.


55: Luka Garza
30: Connor McCaffery
24: Nico Hobbs
23: Josh Ogundele
22: Patrick McCaffery
20: Kris Murray
15: Keegan Murray
13: Austin Ash:
11: Tony Perkins
10: Joe Wieskamp
5: CJ Fredrick
4: Ahron Ulis

Jordan Bohannon
Guard, 6’1”, 175 lbs
Redshirt Sr (Super-Senior), Marion, IA (Linn Mar)

To opposing fans it must feel like Jordan Bohannon has played for the Hawks as long as Jess Settles did. Maybe it’s because his dad Gordy played in a Rose Bowl for Coach Fry. Maybe it’s because we’ve heard about his brothers playing division one basketball for the last 10+ years (we like Jordan much, much more than them). Whatever the case, it’s time for the old man on the Iowa basketball team to win some games, troll some people, and ride off into the sunset of a heckuva career.

Bohannon’s Career Stats

Here’s what Bohannon has done during his Iowa career. He has averaged 11.7 ppg, 4.5 assists, 40.3% from 3pt, and shot 88.6% from the free throw line.

Christopher Michael Street

Speaking of which, Jordan’s purposeful miss of a free throw against Northwestern on February 25, 2018, was an example of everything that is right in the world. A personal note. I’ve been a huge Iowa Hawkeye since the late 1970’s. I was 23 years old when Christopher Michael Street was tragically killed in a car accident on January 19, 1993. I had never met Chris. It felt like he was a close friend. I’m sure thousands of people around the state felt the same. CMS40 played with a smile and with a passion unmatched by anyone I’ve seen. I cried like a baby the night I heard of his passing. I have cried many times on the anniversary of his passing. It breaks my heart to think of his family and his close friends, even to this day. Chris made his 34th consecutive free throw (an Iowa record) in his last game against Duke. After the Northwestern game and his intentional miss, Jordan said, “That’s not my record to have. That record deserves to stay in his name.” For this young man to do this meant so much more than basketball. For this I will always love and respect Jordan Bohannon. Also, at the time Mike and Patty Street both said that if he gets there again, they want him to make it. I think this would be even more special. Dang. I have chills just typing this.

A mother’s hug. CMS40

This Season

Clearly this season will be unique. It’s a shame that Jordan and Luka Garza don’t get to play in front of a packed Carver crowd for their last year with the Black and Gold. This season it will be paramount for older players to make sure the younger players are aware of the opportunity in front of this year’s squad. A Big Ten Championship is attainable. A Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 run is attainable. Jordan Bohannon will be a huge piece of this puzzle. Statistics mean little this year. Wins mean everything. Jordan Bohannon will be a huge reason the Hawks get to where they want to be. He is the guy we want to have the ball in his hands at the end of the game. Whether we are down and we need a big shot or we are ahead and we need to value the ball and hit free throws. He’s our guy. He knows he’s good. He’s proven he’s good. He’s not afraid. How many other people do you know who would troll the Cyclones before a game saying “We’re going to win and I’m going to leave you a present”? And he followed through with it.

Trollin’ those Clowns

JBo, help lead us to the equivalent of the Rose Bowl. And no mercy for the Cyclones along the way. Go Hawks!