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10 Hours until Iowa Basketball: Joe Wieskamp

Wiesy is sneaky good/great

Big things ahead for Wieskamp
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It’s been a weird year. The start of Hawkeye basketball is imminent amidst a delayed football season. We’ll continue our postponed countdown over the next 24 hours. Next up: Joe Wieskamp.


55: Luka Garza
30: Connor McCaffery
24: Nico Hobbs
23: Josh Ogundele
22: Patrick McCaffery
20: Kris Murray
15: Keegan Murray
13: Austin Ash
11: Tony Perkins

Joe Wieskamp
Guard/Forward, 6’6”, 212 lbs
Junior, Muscatine, IA (Muscatine)

Joe Wieskamp’s freshman year spoiled us. The 4 star recruit out of Muscatine averaged 11.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, and was deadly from three, connecting on 42.4% of his shots beyond the arc. Joe was so accurate from deep, it was surprising any time he missed. Last season Joe’s 3 point accuracy was more human (34.7%). Because of this, it felt like Wieskamp had a “down” year. His numbers say otherwise. Wiesy averaged 14 points, 6 rebounds, and was named Third Team All-Big Ten by the coaches and media.

Wieskamp’s Rivals bio had him at 190 pounds. Looking at pre-season pictures it is evident that Joe has put work in lifting weights. He is now listed at 212 pounds. Physically, Joe is going to be better-equipped for the physicality of Big Ten basketball at his current weight. Wieskamp had the league adjust to him after his freshman year; the easiest way to slow down or stop a shooter is to beat the crap out of him.

Can Wieskamp be a “180 Shooter”?

Advanced statistics are taking over the sports world. I also am old-school enough whereas my statistics are of the not-so-advanced variety. I’ve always considered elite shooters to shoot at a 180% level (50% 2FG, 40% 3FG, 90%FT). As a point of reference, at the NBA level, only 8 shooters have achieved this. The list is as follows: Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Malcolm Brogdon, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, and Mark Price.

As far as achieving this level of marksmanship, I allow for a higher percentage in one category and a lower percentage in another. Here’s what Wieskamp’s numbers looked like his freshman and sophomore years.

Fr. 2% 48.8 3% 42.4 FT% 76.7 = 167.9%

So. 2% 42.7. 3% 34.7. FT% 85.6 = 163.0%

As a point of reference, two of the best shooters in Iowa history post-1986 have been Kent McCausland and Matt Gatens. McCausland’s best season for “180” was in 1998-99 where he shot 62% (2FG), 42% (3FG), and 86% (FT) for a total of 190. McCausland shot a ridiculous percent (52) from 3 point range in 1996-97. Matt Gatens scored 179.1 on this scale in his senior season. 52.7% (2FG), 41%(3FG), and 85.4%(FT).

I feel that Joe Wieskamp will reach the 180 level during his junior season. Wieskamp has gotten stronger, smarter, and Iowa now has better depth where Joe can get a quick breather to maintain fresh legs.

In my opinion Joe will play two more years for the Hawks. He has thrown his name in the NBA hat a few times. This year Wiesy will be a huge part of a tremendous Iowa team. The following year, Wieskamp will have a chance to be The Dude. It will give NBA scouts the opportunity to see him countless times over the course of a season with the ball in his hands. Joe will be an all-timer by the time he is done.