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Stat to Watch Recap: Penn State

The Hawks bottled up the Nittany Lions

Phil Parker likes one-dimensional teams
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Thanks, Coach Franklin!

It was evident that James Franklin was going to start Will Levis over Sean Clifford. Levis provided a second-half spark the week prior against Nebraska. Although Levis is a big, strong runner, I was happy (valley) that we didn’t see Sean Clifford until it was too late. As I wrote the other day, Sean Clifford is the much more-accomplished passer of the two, and Clifford beat our Hawks in Iowa City last year. Levis, at this stage of his career, is more of a one-dimensional player. We know what Phil Parker does to one-dimensional players. Chew up. Spit out. On to the next game.

Running into a brick wall is fruitless

Prior to Saturday’s game, Iowa’s defense was allowing 112.8 yards per game on the ground. That put us at #23 in the country against the run. On Saturday, the Nittany Lions ran into a brick wall. Iowa allowed just 62 yards on 35 attempts. Prior to Saturday, Penn State was averaging 158.3 yards / game rushing. Phil Parker’s Punishers now are averaging 102.6 yards / game on the ground (#16).

It was evident that Penn State was going to run Will Levis a lot. They did. Not much of a result. Sean Clifford relieved him and also ran 6 times. Not much of a result. Caziah Holmes, Keyvone Lee, and Devyn Ford ran the ball 13 times. They “amassed” 18 yards. That was a butt-kicking.

Was it just me or did it look like James Franklin has given up? Go Hawks!