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Black Heart Gold Shop: The Official On-Field Face Covering of the Iowa Hawkeyes

If you have to wear a face covering, it might as well be the Official On-Field Face Covering of the Hawkeyes!

Look, you don’t come to Black Heart Gold Pants to be sold on stuff. You come here for... well, we’re not totally sure why you keep coming back, but you do. And we love you for it. That’s why we don’t cram product down your throat. And we’re not going to do that here.

BUT.... Iowa’s governor passed a state-wide mask mandate earlier this week and without stepping anywhere near the political minefield that the word “mask” brings with it, we are going to suggest that you comply with the law because generally speaking following the law is a good idea. And if you have to wear a face covering for the next month or so in this great state (or anywhere for that matter), you might as well be representing the Hawkeyes while you do it.

That’s why we’re partnering with FOCO, the Official On-Field Face Covering of the Iowa Hawkeyes to bring you the same face coverings the Hawkeyes are wearing this season.

Black and gold never get old.

If you’ve turned on even a few seconds of any of Iowa’s games thus far, you’ve no doubt seen players sporting the above face coverings. The neck gaiters seem particularly popular among players while coaches have been more split between the gaiter and face masks. But both look great and will help you stay out of trouble with the law in Iowa.

The Pants is not being paid to post this (hey, now THERE’S an idea!), but for full disclosure we have received free coverings from the fine folks at FOCO. Your’s truly can say from first-hand experience the coverings look great and feel about as good as you could expect anything covering your face to feel. I was actually a proud owner of an earlier version of the neck gaiter sold by FOCO and the new “on-field” ones are even better with added stitching along the top and bottom to avoid it rolling up and a material that is super comfortable.

So, if you’re looking for something to cover your face this fall and winter, check out FOCO. In addition to the featured coverings shown here, they have some warm weather gaiters with hoods, as well as a broad assortment of other items that would make holiday gifts for the Hawkeye fan in your life (it’s you, you’re the Hawkeye fan in your life).