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17 Days Until Iowa Football: Brenden Deasfernandes and Wyatt Wegener

How about these names?

How sick are you of watching not Big Ten football?

Brenden Deasfernandes, Freshman
Belleville, MI (Belleville)
6’0”, 176 lbs
2020 Projection: Reserve defensive back

At this point, I’m a little disappointed we don’t have a template saved to illustrate the following scenario:

An Iowa football commit who had no other D1 offers.

Davenport, Southeast Missouri State, and something called Northwood were the only other post-high school football options for Brenden Deasfernandes, and so he went and made the smart choice, like so many others before him.

And since he’s a Phil Parker recruit from the state of Michigan... I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy starts the season opener. He was an early enrollee, so he’s been in the program longer than typical. At the same time, Iowa’s starting corners are relatively set in stone with upperclassmen Matt Hankins, Riley Moss, and Julius Brents.

He can tackle, so there’s a spot for him in the backfield.

Wyatt Wegener, Freshman
Algona, IA (Algona)
6’2”, 206 lbs
2020 Projection: Reserve wide receiver

There’s little to no info floating around on Wegener. His Hawkeye Sports profile is bare, as is his recruitnik fingerprint.

Thankfully, the Globe Gazette tells us he ran for 1,400 yards while catching another 700 yards worth of balls his senior year at Algona. Incredibly impressive. Alas, the Iowa receiver room is as crowded as it gets.

He’s also one of eight walk-ons at the receiver position.

Ttyl, WW.