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Iowa Football Stat to Watch Recap: Purdue

The Hawks did everything but win...

Coach Brian Ferentz
Hey, fellas. I called the perfect game. Plz don’t fumble. Hugs and kisses, Brian.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

This one is gonna take a while to get over. Unfortunately, this loss could come back to haunt us. How’s that for a little Halloween spirit? I watched a bit of the game from my phone as my son had a football game. I had the “pleasure” of re-watching the game vs Purdue the next day. I’m even more sickened now than I was and that’s saying something. If you didn’t read the Stat to Watch article you could hit that up again. Anyway, our boys ran through, around, and over the Boilers. The Hawkeyes netted 195 yards on the ground for an average of 5.4 yards a carry. The target was 175+. The Hawks did that plus two first downs. I’m glad Brian Ferentz read the article and the 16 text messages I sent him. It was the perfect recipe to cook up a win. Here’s how the yardage looked (yards/average): Goodson (77/4.8), Sargent (71/6.5), Kelly-Martin (29/7.3), Smith-Marsette (18/9.0).

Iowa v Purdue
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I liked the fact that the ball was spread around. We have some talented backs. The backs who don’t turn it over going forward are the backs who need the majority of the carries.

In conclusion, the Hawks did what was necessary to win the game. We ran at will against Purdue. It shouldn’t have come down to Spencer Petras needing to perform like a three-year starter to win the game at the end. He played a solid game in his debut.

I will be writing an article giving position grades for the Purdue game. Check that out tomorrow as I will get into a few more specifics.

Brian and company, please watch for the upcoming Stat to Watch article regarding Northwestern.

Go Hawks! (I’m still mad)