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COVID-19 Watch: Iowa at Purdue

Jeff Brohm met with the media and shared some more information

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

This post will be updated as more information comes available seeing as the Big Ten’s release of COVID-19 numbers is imminent.

Ahead of that news release, Jeff Brohm shared some news during his Zoom call this afternoon:

This news lines up with rumors of multiple coaches (up to four) on the Purdue Boilermakers testing positive for COVID-19.


Here’s the full quote from Brohm:

“We probably will have about, maybe, five or six players that are out for the game. Once again, I apologize. I’d rather not give that information right now so that the other team knows. But once we get on the field, you’ll probably be able to tell some of those. But .. we will probably have a handful that’ll miss this game.”

One of the impacted players has been rumored to be star WR Rondale Moore. When asked whether Moore would play, Brohm was again evasive:

To be fair, here, there’s a strong likelihood these may not be COVID-19-related. Kirk Ferentz was similarly deceptive in sharing the Iowa Hawkeyes’ injury report of sorts with the only news, officially, being an undisclosed Jack Campbell illness. (rumor has it NOT the coronavirus)

But if we play this out with 5 Boilermakers having COVID-19 plus 4 coaches, it really comes down to the “team” and “population” size referenced above. If there are less than 100 players (assuming 5 positive player tests) AND less than 120 people in Purdue’s population (assuming 9 positive “population” tests), get ready for your first NO CONTEST of the Big Ten season.

10/23 update:

As noted above, there is a strong likelihood this is not COVID-19-related. Unfortunately, without any clarification that it is NOT COVID-19, there’s a possibility it is.