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FanPulse Week 7: Confidence peaks for Iowa basketball

Note: The voting took place before Iowa’s loss to Nebraska and the injury to CJ Fredrick.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Penn State Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Well, confidence in Iowa basketball was on the rise, and rightfully so.

In the latest FanPulse voting (which, I will add, does not include the loss to Nebraska), confidence in Iowa basketball is at a season-high mark at 87.9 percent.

Let’s be clear: Iowa’s season is not over. The loss to Nebraska, as bad as it was, is not a season-killing defeat. Neither was the loss against Penn State.

If anything, Iowa has shown great resiliency this season. Many thought this team would be dead in the water without Jordan Bohannon.

Now, the injury to CJ Fredrick throws a massive wrinkle into where Fran McCaffery goes from here. Especially if the timeline is four to six weeks.

Fredrick joins Bohannon in the ever-growing Hawkeye injury list, sending a dagger through Iowa’s 3-point shooting.

But, here’s where there’s room for optimism.

Iowa still has Luka Garza, who — so far this season — has proven himself to be a double-double machine. The offense should, and probably will, run through him.

Don’t forget about Joe Wieskamp, either, who (in my opinion) has the best offensive upside of any player on the Hawkeye roster. What can’t happen, though, is going 1-for-10 from 3-point range like he shot against Nebraska.

It’ll be interesting to see how fans vote in the next poll. I’m guessing confidence will drop, as these past losses and Fredrick’s injury were not accounted for at the time of this poll.

That being said, don’t give up on Iowa basketball just yet.