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No. 1 Iowa Wrestling Takes Down No. 2 Penn State, 19-17

Iowa’s first win over Penn State in... ahwile

Your Iowa Hawkeyes are the best in the country when it comes to wrasslin’ as our beloved Black & Gold took down No. 2 Penn State in an absolutely ELECTRIC dual in Iowa City, 19-17.

The victory marks Iowa’s first win over Penn State since 2015, and the last win over the Nits in Carver since 2013. Below are results and some light commentary, we’ll have a fuller recap later on.

We got to start the evening off HOT with Spencer Lee kicking some major ass over Brandon Meredith.

125: #1 Spencer Lee TF over Brandon Mededith, 16-1 Iowa 5-0

133: #4 Roman Bravo-Young medical default over #1 Austin DeSanto PSU 6-4

Terry Brands said something to an official after something weird happened to DeSanto. Iowa docked a team point, 4-0. DeSanto would go on to forfeit the match for medical reasons. By the looks of it, DeSanto’s kneecap may have popped out. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

141: #2 Nick Lee TF over #4 Carter Happel, 20-5. PSU 11-4

149: #3 Pat Lugo dec. over Jarod Verkleeren, 6-1. PSU 11-7

It was Lugo’s 100th win as a Hawkeye.

157: #4 Kaleb Young dec. over Bo Pipher, 6-1. PSU 11-10

165: #1 Vincenzo Joseph dec over #2 Alex Marinelli, 7-5. PSU 14-10

Marinelli got cheated out of some points in Joseph’s first win over the Bull.

174: #3 Michael Kemerer dec. over #4 Carter Happel, 11-6. PSU 14-13

Kemerer had three takedowns in that one, and was able to ride it out to give Iowa some life after a tough Marinelli loss.

It was Kemerer’s 69th win.

And it got loud.

184: #10 Aaron Brooks dec. over #8 Abe Assad, 7-3. PSU 17-13

197: #4 Jacob Warner dec. over #15 Shakur Rasheed, 4-2. PSU 17-16


285: #3 Tony Cassioppi dec. over #16 Seth Nevills, 3-0. IOWA 19-17

And that’s ball game, boys and girls!