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LEAKED: ESPN’S Short List of Celebrity Guest Pickers in Ames Revealed

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The biggest mystery of ESPN’s trip to Ames has been solved!

ESPN’s “College GameDay” Films At Boston College
GameDay is coming to Ames. Now they just need to pick a picker.
Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We all know by know that ESPN’s College GameDay will be headed to Ames this weekend for Iowa’s matchup with Iowa State. It was the only logical choice after Syracuse was throttled by Maryland and Iowa held serve against Rutgers. And while it has slightly less appeal now that Iowa State has fallen from the rankings, thanks to needing 3 OTs against UNI and not being able to beat BYE in week two, it should still be a very good matchup.

But the question on everyone’s mind since the moment it was announced has been “who will be the celebrity guest picker for Iowa State?” It’s a good question. While Iowa has a number of well-known alums and fans such as Tom Brokaw, Ashton Kutcher and Tom Arnold, Iowa State doesn’t exactly have anyone that screams “Iowa Agricultural College!”

That hasn’t stopped the folks at ESPN from doing some outside the box thinking, however. Earlier today, a short list of candidates was leaked and it’s.... interesting.

Have a look for yourself.

5. Fred Hoiberg

Sure, he’s at Nebraska now, but he is the mayor. Besides, have you seen what’s going on in Lincoln? That place is a train wreck happening in slow motion over the next two months.

4. Georges Niang

You probably won’t find a bigger Iowa State fan than Niang. Does it matter that nobody knows who he is? Only if you want your celebrity guest picker to be, like, an actual celebrity.

3. Ashton Kutcher

Now, hear me out. Yes he’s an Iowa fan, but he’s probably going to be at the game anyway and it’s REALLY HARD TO FIND A CELEBRITY THAT’S AN ISU FAN!

2. Steve King

We finally found someone that virtually everyone has heard of. Sure he’s a noted racist and known most for saying outlandish things, but he’s the representative for Iowa’s 4th District. That quite literally means he speaks for the people of Ames. What more could you want?

1. Ronald McDonald

Even more than Steve King, everyone knows Ronald McDonald. He’s the borderline lovable/creepy as hell clown that’s long been the face of McDonald’s and Iowa State alike. No, he does t have a direct tie to the university, but with that color scheme and ever-changing uniforms, who’s going to know?!

2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Is that an alternate uniform I spy on Ronald?
Photo by James Devaney/WireImage,

I know which of the candidates has my vote. Who do you think would make the best celebrity picker?