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Iowa Hawkeyes 48, Middle Tennessee State 3: RAIDED

The Tune Up

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Just a friendly reminder, I write all of this in real time and I don’t edit before posting because editing is for Monday’s and there’s beers to drink. Basically, I want you to read this as a running diary of the game. All (over) reactions must be accepted and forgiven as I am just an optimistic fan boy that gets to write for a blog. Thank you.


I bought my first house this past week. It’s been a process. Trusting the process is quite difficult in the moment, but, I will say, there is nothing better than hunkering down in your own house, watching your brand new television hanging above your fireplace and catching glimpses in my peripheral the beautiful Hawkeye flag waving right outside my window.

Today is a good day for Hawkeye Corso just put on the Brutus head in front of a sea of bug eaters.

1st Quarter

Maybe it’s going to be a great day. Middle Tennessee sends the opening kick off out of bounds giving Iowa ELITE field position to start the game. After some quick no huddle action, an end around where Ihmir Smith-Marsette broke more ankles than Allen Iverson, a beautiful third down throw by Nate, Mekhi Sargent punches it in for the first score of many on this beautiful fall Saturday.


7-0, and I might be doing more chores around the house if this gets too out of hand.

On the first drive of the game for Middle Tennessee, they basically tried to cheat a bunch (chop blocking AJE and his friends is not advised) in between dropping the ball a lot. I’m very worried I’m going to be hanging pictures soon. Punt.

Iowa takes back over and in the blink of an eye they’re at mid-field despite an illegal shift (and a Stanley missed deep ball on play action). Iowa shouldn’t even try throwing the football anymore as we are already at the point in the game where Stanley gained nine yards on a QB keeper on 3rd and 1. Iowa’s big nasties are absolutely dominating up front and opening up holes big enough to push two new refrigerators through. Sorry, I need to stop thinking about moving. A few plays later, Iowa shot themselves in the foot with a few holding penalties. Luckily, Ferentz has the best field goal kicker in the Big Ten.

10-0, all Hawkeyes.

Lattimore lands home on a sack and nothing else happens for Middle Tennessee who has ten more yards total than Stanley has on the ground. Punt. Yeesh.

Sometimes in football, good things just happen. On Iowa’s third drive, Stanley should’ve been picked off but it somehow falls in the hands of Tyrone Tracy for a gain of 30+ yards. Just like that, Iowa is banging on the door again and we haven’t even waved yet...

A play later, Nate drops a dime in the bucket to Brandon Smith.

17-0, and Iowa is still perfect in the red zone.


Second Quarter

I stepped away for the Middle Tennessee drive, so I went to Twitter to find out what happened; in a word, NOTHING. After another punt, Stanley finds his favorite target for another big, big gain. That would be the last time Iowa needed to throw the football as Toren Young, Sargent and Brady Ross cap off the 81-yard drive with yet another touchdown.

24-0. What should I eat for lunch?

After two more punts from Middle Tennessee and Iowa, the Hawkeyes take back over, get Keith Duncan a prime opportunity to kick a field goal before the half and he misses it. I would love to be upset about it, but the kid has been money so far this season and now is the time to get a miss out of the way. Plus, Iowa’s offense and defense can sleep walk through the rest of this game and Iowa will still win by 30.

Third Quarter

Out of the half, Middle Tennessee picks up a quick first down and things maybe look like they made some nice half time adjustments and then they get called for holding, offensive pass interference and it all blows up in their face.

Iowa picks right up where they left off after a 52-yard run by Toren Young. I’ve been saying all season that the guys are so close to making a house call and if Toren Young had a little more giddy up it would’ve happened. But, instead of getting six, Iowa receivers eventually drop two balls on second and third down and Iowa is forced to settle for a field goal. Things are going so right for Iowa right now that the only thing I can bitch about is why are they throwing on two straight downs knowing full well that MTSU isn’t stopping them from picking up 6-7 yards on two straight downs.

27-0 and Wisconsin is struggling with Northwestern! That’s a great sign.

Halftime adjustments for MTSU working to start the second drive of the half. A lot of read option type action and some quick passes get them into Iowa territory for the first time all game. Maybe the Iowa D took my “sleep walking” comment a little too literally. All of a sudden, the Blue Raiders, yet again, kick themselves in the ass with a false start penalty on third and manageable. 43-yard field goal is good.

27-3, goodbye shutout.

Iowa moves the ball right down the field. Nate Stanley is just ripping in fast balls to his wideouts. Tracy hits the circle button on one of them, ISM rushes in on the sweep. All I know is, this might easily be the fastest Iowa offense I have ever seen. All of these dudes are jets with the ball in their hands.


MTSU Punt... how about this for the fourth quarter. I’ll let you all know when MTSU does something good from here on out. But if I don’t mention them at all, just assume they continued to punt the rest of the game.

4th Quarter

Stanley finds Brandon Smith who refused to be taken down before crossing the goal line. 10 plays, 72-yards, another touchdown. Iowa has between 500 and a thousand yards of total offense today. Oh, and that was Stanley’s 60th passing touchdown for his career. Unreal.

41-3... Should I just do the rest of the Wisconsin game? Let’s flip over to see what’s happening. Facing 3rd & 10 in Wisconsin territory, Hunter “Northwestern is the same as Clemson” Johnson drops back, gets hammered andddd PICK 6! LOLOLOL. Wisconsin’s back and running. Northwestern is still so bad. But the tape on how to beat Wisconsin might be out now. Harness JT. Make Coan beat you. Don’t throw picks.

Feels like that plays into Iowa’s hands quite well.

Nate Stanley’s day is done. In comes the future All-Conference QB, Spencer Petras. Let him open it up, Brian!

BF does just that, Petras is slinging it all over the yard and Tyler Goodson is going to be a problem.