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The Morning After: Iowa State

Iowa State got beat hosting ESPN College Gameday in the best fashion

Iowa v Iowa State
Big dog getting it done
Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Could you think of a more implausible football game?

Two rain delays that totalled nearly three hours. Thunder and lightning and hail and rain and dumbass Iowa State students rushing the field. I mean hell, Michael Ojemudia apparently even took a 45 minute nap during the rain delay.

And then, the grand finale. The ending. A play that sums up the entire woebegone, nationally irrelevant and inherently nauseating team that Iowa State is.

I was working and had the TV on in the newsroom when this happened and I almost fell out of my chair fucking laughing. Some of it was due to the fact I was completely convinced Iowa State was going to march down the field and score the winning field goal or touchdown.

They would have. I firmly believe this.

But also it was relief because after four years of winning against Iowa State every season, it has almost become tradition to beat the Cyclones. Yes, our dear Iowa State, the middling Big 12 team that punches above their weight in a (top to bottom) trash heap of a conference that’s only second to the Pac-12 in, well, being a trash heap of a conference.

It has been five years since Iowa State has beat Iowa and yes basically all of those games were close. But I’m going to be an arrogant jackass and just disregard all of that because IT HAS BEEN FIVE YEARS SINCE IOWA STATE HAS BEAT IOWA.

Sure, Matt Campbell comes in and has an eight-win season and every Iowa State fan anoints him the next king and god of the entire college football world. Well, guess what Matt? You could not even beat Iowa in the biggest game Ames, Iowa has ever hosted.

ESPN College Gameday, screaming fans, I mean hell even with the weather delay most of the Cyclone faithful stayed around. But you could not get it done. You got close! Actually too close.

Man that must be tough to watch if you are an Iowa State fan. To have the hope after a truly awful play call by Brian Ferentz and then have it dashed away?

That must be crushing.

Iowa State is still a pretty good football team. I will not deny this. They battered Iowa. They had a pretty good defensive game plan. They were able to move the ball during many points of the day.

They might even win 10 games this year. For all the pettiness in the last 400 words or so I’ve wrote, I truly respect them as a football team.


You know.


This was about as close of a game as you could possibly have, huh?