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SpoCo Radio Episode 5: Favorite Iowa Things

Back in Black, Kum & Go, Falbos, Kirk Ferentz and Carver Hawkeye Arena?

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

This past week, the boys and I spent a lot of time talking about what type of show we wanted to put together for you all. Should we overreact to the pictures we’ve seen from camp? Debate Brian Ferentz merits some more? Do our very own Iowa version of PTI where we spit hot takes we don’t believe in? Start a Twitter campaign that would end with us interviewing Barstool Trent before the season?

We were spinning our wheels when producer/host extraordinaire DCIII mentioned how excited he got earlier that day after hearing Back in Black during his morning run.

And then it hit The People’s Champ...

“What if we talk about our favorite Iowa things?”


“Yes! I love it.”

So we set off on our own separate journeys, venturing down memory lane and remembering all of the best things about Iowa/University of Iowa/Iowa City/Iowa Athletics. Waves and waves of memories and emotions and moments flooded in until our first rough draft lists started to look like one of JPinIC’s Overreaction Monday posts.

We had a lot to work with.

But that’s what makes Iowa so great. Your Top-5 and our individual Top-5’s are probably all a little different. But I’m positive that each and every one of your favorite things will spark something in us. Just like I hope our Top-15ish things spark a flood of memories in you.

And if — speaking in general terms — pizza, gas station chains, football, beer, community, rock, pedestrian malls, bars, people and affordable transportation doesn’t hit you in the heart after listening to the entire show, well, I’ll give you a dollar. Because when it’s all said and done, Iowa is the greatest university in the world... so why not spend your Thursday diving into all of the reasons why?

Make sure you all subscribe, download, listen and share todays show. Leave us a review in iTunes (best reviews will get read at some point in the foreseeable future). And make sure you shoot us your Top-5 Favorite Iowa Things on Twitter (@davecreagh, @ChiPeoplesChamp, @JerryScherwin), leave them in the comments... OR... you can call them into our brand new voicemail line at 224-661-0909.

So, Mr./Mrs. First time, long time...Call me, maybe?

All the X’s and O’s.


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