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The Pants Party: FOOTBALL BACK

Favorite players off the two-deeps, B1G coaches, and more!

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Can you smell it?

That’s the smell of training camps going on around the country and The Pants Party centered their discussion on the Iowa Hawkeyes, of course.

After a quick update with the guys and a brief review of Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood they jump right into the discussion by focusing on players NOT on the depth chart who might make an immediate impact.

It transitions to a Big Ten discussion, framed around which coaches would you pick (not a draft) to build an All-Star Coaching Staff.

Then they talk about the Chris Doyle sleep story. Ben provides some context from his time as a beat writer. Harrison has a hare-brained theory on it.

Finally, the discussion wraps up with quick takes on Xavier Foster’s recruitment before a quick Euphoria discussion and a fire take from Max regarding early 2000s pop music.

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