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LDW is Underrated and Friday Picks

Labor Day Weekend is the real G.O.A.T. Holiday

NCAA Football: Ohio State Spring Game Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, I was enjoying some watermelon beers during a Happy Hour in Cape May when the topic of favorite holidays came up. As these conversations generally go, my family ended up dissecting and debating the merits of both Christmas and Thanksgiving (because you can have turkey and ham and stuffing at both, the addition of gifts and a fake Douglas Fur gave the nod to ol’ Saint Nick this time around). But as the debate began to settle down, I had one of those epiphany’s that starts as a quick thought in your head, works it’s way down and out of your mouth all before you can even digest it.

“I think Labor Day might be my favorite adult holiday. It’s super underrated.”

I could immediately see the husbands and dads minds start to churn. It was almost as if I could read their thoughts as they worked through the crazy thing I just said.

“Labor Day... Labor Day... what happens during Labor Day? I get a guaranteed three day weekend. That’s always nice. The majority of the time it’s beautiful outside. There are parties with tons of beers and barbecue and hot dogs and hamburgers and desserts and family and friends. Love that. There are cornhole boards literally everywhere I turn. Kobe! I have my long time, five hour NFL Fantasy Football draft with all my college buddies at The Rusty Spoon. Pure shenanigans as always. There’s pools and beaches and fireworks. Late night trips for ice cream before settling in on the back porch with a sweatshirt and shorts, a stiff drink and great company. And I get to watch college football in between all of it.”

Labor Day Weekend has everything Christmas and Thanksgiving have and then some... spot the lie:

Unless you live in Florida or Califonia all year long, LDW has way more to offer than Thanksgiving and Christmas and even the 4th of July. Facts are facts. I know the food is different, but if you really wanted heavy mashed potatoes and a deep fried turkey, there is literally nothing stopping you from doing that on LDW. The possibilities are literally endless when you have a guaranteed three day weekend to plan around. Hell, if you wanted to decorate a fake palm tree and string it with lights, nobody is going to question it while they sip on a Corona (because #Family).

On top of all of that, we get to wear shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops while watching real live college freaking football.

It’s time we finally give Labor Day it’s proper due.

So, I raise my cup to you Labor Day, the true best adult holiday of the year... LDW we salute you.

Week 1 Big Ten Picks below

Wisconsin -11 @ USF, 7PM EST Friday, ESPN

I used to live in Orlando which means I basically almost, kind of lived in Tampa. As someone that lived basically almost, kind of in Tampa I became enamored with Charlie Strong’s Bulls. Sometimes electric, sometimes not, sometimes stingy on D and sometimes not, it’s been a wild ride for the former Texas head coach. Take last season for example, after winning seven straight games, they finished the season having lost six straight; all of which by more than ten points. Six straight games against Half of their team basically got dysentery and missed multiple games and the positive start went up in flames.

Look, I love Jonathan Taylor just as much as the next guy (I really do!), but pretending that Wisconsin doesn’t have some questions marks at the quarterback position with Jack Coan (Can he limit the interceptions and keep Graham Mertz from breathing down his neck?) and at linebacker without Andrew Van Ginkel and Ryan Connelly. Plus, let’s not doubt the fire power on the USF offense or the Florida weather (which is going to feel like it’s in the upper 80’s with heavy humidity and probably some rain because of the incoming hurricane).

Wisconsin wins but...


Purdue -11 @ Nevada, 9:30PM EST Friday, CBS Sports

Want to know what all of Boiler Nation is concerned about going into this season? FRESHMAN. They’re everywhere. BUT, despite the youth, Purdue still has Megatron 101 in Rondale Moore and a plethora of skill players that should allow Purdue to do Purdue things by moving the ball up and down the field.

Let’s start up my season long gambling love affair with the Boilers... why learn from the previous pain?

PICK: Purdue -11

Northwestern @ Stanford -6, 4:00PM EST Saturday, FOX

Like my co-host said this week, this feels like the kind of game where Pat Fitzgerald ends up complaining that Northwestern had to travel west to open up their season and nobody was able to be prepared for that because these kids have school, damnit!

There is definitely a prove it factor here for Northwestern among the masses, which is either deserved or a big time slight on the reigning Big Ten West Champions (#NORESPECT). I’m part of the latter. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Wildcats only have one win on the schedule through their first six games.

Prove me wrong, Patty.

PICK: Stanford -6

THE PROVE IT PARLAY: FAU @ OSU -27.5, 12:00PM EST and USA @ Nebraska -36, 12:00PM EST

I want to believe in Justin Fields. I want Nebraska to not be Iowa’s doormat. What can I say, I like competitive football at the end of the day baby. But I need these two teams to prove it to me. Ohio State has a lot of people excited and I understand why. Justin Fields (on paper) with Ryan Day (in theory) is exciting as hell. Same thing with Nebraska with Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez. But there is a lot of other things that still need to be answered. How does Ryan Day do as THE (trademarked) guy? Is Justin Fields Braxton Miller good or just good, good? Does Scott Frost have an offense that can make up for their defense? What better way to provide me answers by making us all money first thing Saturday afternoon?