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Two Days Until Iowa Football: Peyton Mansell


NCAA Football: Maryland at Iowa
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

“It’s fourth and six.... Iowa ball at the Maryland 32 and they’ll go for it with Peyton Mansell in the game. He drops back, can’t find anyone... he’s in trouble and nearly takes a sack but somehow gets out of it. Mansell finds some space and HE’S GOT IT, MY GOODNESS...”

Peyton Mansell is a god.

I mean, just look at this. Tell me this is not the most beautiful football play you have ever seen.

That is a star in the making. Nevermind the fact Spencer Petras was recently named Iowa’s backup. Nevermind the fact Mansell threw eight passes last year and was intercepted.

Nevermind all of that. Just watch the beautiful, beautiful future:

Mansell finished 5-of-8 for 83 yards passing and rushed eight times for 31 yards and a touchdown. He also had a tackle on his interception, so you really cannot knock his effort.

I fully expect Mansell to transfer next year after losing the starting quarterback job to Petras in a CJB vs. Rudock 2.0 style battle, but I’m going to dream. And dream.

Because Mansell is probably the most exciting quarterback on Iowa’s roster since Brad Banks. It’s just too bad the Belton, Texas native will end up transferring to A&M and suddenly become the second coming of Johnny Football.

Ah well. We can still hope and watch the couple of highlights we have of him from last season. I will treasure these fleeting moments forever.

Inject that into my veins.