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LOOK: Hawkeyes Unveil Revamped Tunnel in Kinnick Stadium

This was some unexpected, pretty cool news on a Thursday evening.

Michigan v Iowa
Kinnick Stadium’s tunnel got a facelift. And no, we aren’t talking about some fake brick.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Leave it to the Iowa athletic department to drop some pretty interesting news at 9pm CT on a Thursday night.

Last night, while some of you were sleeping and absolutely none of you were looking for college football news, the Iowa Hawkeyes dropped some photos on Twitter. Photos of what, exactly? A tunnel.

Cool, right?

Right. Because it’s not just any tunnel, it’s the tunnel. As in the tunnel the Hawkeyes wall down as they make their infamous entrance at Kinnick with AC/DC’s Back in Black blaring.

(Make sure your volume isn’t up to loud if you’re in public before playing the below video)

You’ll note the tunnel the players are walking down seems a bit bland. Perhaps even sterile. It reminds a bit of a hospital hallway.

I suppose that makes sense. It’s a tunnel underneath a stadium. But it’s also one you show to thousands of people several times a year. You film promo videos and short clips to weekly pump up videos from within that tunnel.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it showed a little more personality? Maybe even looked like an extension of the locker room?

Yeah, it would.

Pretty damn cool.

I get chills every time I hear Back in Black. I can’t imagine the feels each of the players and staff get. Now, hearing it as you’re starting your walk down that new tunnel? Yikes.

Can we get to next week already?