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PSA: Iowa Football Day on BTN Bus Tour

Game week is quickly approaching. The BTN Bus Tour is the perfect thing to get us through the week as we continue to countdown to game day!

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days
It’s unlikely we’ll hear anything of interest from Kirk Ferentz on the BTN bus tour, but a week away from the first game we’ll take anything we can get.
Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

There’s college football this weekend and while it’s not the Hawkeyes, it is football. As we look for any little thing to get us through to the actual game week, the Big Ten Network is here to quench our thirst for another day.

Tomorrow is Iowa Day on the BTN as the tour bus comes to Iowa City. That means not only do we get a glimpse inside the Hawkeyes’ fall training camp with some interviews from players and coaches, but we also get an entire day of old Hawkeye games to enjoy.

Here’s a look at the full slate from BTN for tomorrow, August 20th:

Screen grab via

A couple of notes on that lineup:

  1. They really couldn’t think of any other games to show than that 2007 MSU game? Really?
  2. Like, there are apparently so few great Iowa games that we are watching the ‘85 Michigan game twice? Don’t get me wrong, that was awesome, but we can’t get a look at that ‘08 PSU game or anything from 2002 or the Orange Bowl or, or, or, or???
  3. Could we just get that Woodshed game on repeat from like midnight to 5am?

Aside from that, it’s important to note those slots marked for B1G Show are where you’ll catch the bus tour stop in Iowa City. That’s at 5, 6, 8 and 10pm CT.

Be sure to keep your phone handy throughout the day as well. There are typically updates from @gerrydinardo, @BTNDaveRevsine and others as they take in practice.

Set your DVRs and your Twitter notifications accordingly.