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SpoCo Radio Episode 4: Would You Rather

Including Matt Campbell vs. Jim Harbaugh, Chipotle vs. Pancheros and Phil Parker vs. Brian Ferentz

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

As an adult with an overactive imagination that needs constant stimulation during the day, I often find myself playing the “Would You Rather” game. Luckily, I have some of the most understanding friends and co-workers on the planet. So when I ask them, “Would you rather only watch WWE wrestling or Real Housewives on Bravo for the rest of you life, eat only chicken or steak, listen to podcasts or audio books (you all better be saying podcasts) or dine at Chipotle or Pancheros?”, they often play along.

So this week the boys and I decided to create a show around our favorite Iowa-related “Would You Rather” questions.

Like what exactly?

Let’s just say we touch on everything from... (DEEP BREATH)... Matt Campbell, Jim Harbaugh, that used car salesman up north - PJ Fleck, tha OC gawd Brian Ferentz, Phil Parker, Kirk Ferentz, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Jerry Kill, Iowa State Cyclones, Wisconsin Badgers, Nebraska, dropping bags, #WinGraduateDoitRight, Keystone Light, Busch Light, Tailgating, Iowa City bars, Ricky Stanzi, LJ Scott, Big Ten Championships, the NCAA Playoff, Nate Stanley, AJ Epenesa, the perfect RV (which will be coming back in a big way during the football and basketball season)... and yes, Chipotle and Pancheros.

When I say it’s a jam packed show, I mean, it’s a jam packed show.

Plus we open up with a discussion about the upcoming Badgers/Crimson Tide match-up and what that could mean for Iowa’s non-conference schedule moving forward (If we’re going to get rid of the Iowa State game, can we just have some fun with the booking?). Plus, we debate how many times Iowa would finish in the Top-2 of Steward Mandel’s “College Football Premier League” scenario and wonder what might college football look like in the future?

Come join along, wont you?

Also, before I go... make sure you’re following the Black Heart Gold Pants Twitter (@BHGP) account as we will be posting and polling the “Would You Rather” questions we discussed in the pod. This will be the perfect chance for you all to tell us how right we are.

If you like what you’re hearing and/or have a question for next weeks show, let us know on Twitter (@DaveCreagh, @ChiPeoplesChamp, @JerryScherwin) or in the comments below.

All the X’s and O’s.


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