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SpoCo Radio Episode 3: The One Where the Guys Re-Watch the Big Ten Championship

As if the offseason wasn’t painful enough, we decided to re-watch the 2015 Big Ten Championship and lived to tell the tale.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Iowa vs Michigan State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As you are all well aware, we are nearing the end of the college football offseason. But despite only being a few more sleeps away, we’re in that weird spot where there’s not really anything going on accept a lot of prognostication. You know... things like Nebraska is going to win the Big Ten West, Minnesota is THE sleeper, Jim Harbaugh is finally going to fulfill that Minnesota Michigan Miracle Man promise and win the whole damn thing.

Honestly, it’s too much. If you’re not adding sugar to my Nate Stanley Kool-Aid, I’m not that interested. Sue me.

So, rather than swan dive into the deep pool of college football gossip, The People’s Champ, DCIII and I decided it was time to finally go back to the Big Ten Championship game and rehash the past.

Why? Well we’re glutton’s for pain. But outside of that, it was time to close that door being that Iowa is returning to Indy this year. Plus, four years have passed and the wounds from having nine minutes of open heart surgery while fully awake (and sober) seemed to have finally scarred over.

If you would like to finalize that chapter of Iowa Hawkeye history too, here’s the full game:

If you would like to just hear us talk about it, here’s the pod (Apple/Spotify/Google links at the bottom):

We also discuss a Gookin/BoilerHawk hypothetical that we got in last weeks comments and attempt a new segment called “Kirk in Translation” where we dissect his Big Ten Media Day soundbites (shout out to BTN for the audio) and tell you all what he really means.

If you like what you’re hearing and/or have a question for next weeks show, let us know on Twitter (@DaveCreagh, @ChiPeoplesChamp, @JerryScherwin) or in the comments below.

All the X’s and O’s.


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