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38 Days Until Iowa Football: Monte Pottebaum

Harry Potter character or Iowa linebacker? Find out now.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi State vs Iowa
While this #38 isn’t Monte Pottebaum, we can dream can’t we?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I believe that I know most of the players on the Iowa roster year in and year out. I pay attention to the recruits on an annual basis yet the name Monte Pottebaum somehow slipped through the cracks. Also, as a born and bred Iowan (unfortunately now residing in St. Louis), I had never heard of Larchwood, IA either. Perhaps my mind is slipping after all these years.

Monte Pottebaum – RS Freshman

Larchwood, IA (West Lyon)

6’1”, 236 lbs

2019 Projection: Reserve LB

I have never read a Harry Potter book but know that some of the character names are interesting to say the least. Can you not at least envision Monte Pottebaum causing havoc along with Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Neveille Longbottom?

Pottebaum is a 2018 walk-on to Iowa from West Lyon High School. He was initially scheduled to play for Augustana until the late offer from Iowa.

Currently listed as a linebacker, Pottebaum has also played tight end and fullback in high school and I could see him getting the Doyle treatment for another couple years and being usable at the fullback position.

Just to make most of you feel old, Pottebaum was born in January of 2000. Another interesting tidbit is that while researching Monte, I found out that the local Lyon County Daily News spends way more time on the Weekly Dakota Angler Fishing Report than any other sports action.

Here is a highlight film from his senior year in high school where he rushed for almost 900 yards with 18 touchdowns and registered 75 tackles. The tape is seven minutes long so enjoy as you see fit. Pottebaum also wrestled, played baseball, and participated in track and field while in high school.

I certainly don’t expect Mr. Pottebaum to see the field in 2019 but as we’ve noted before, stranger things have happened in Hawkeye history than having an unknown walk-on end up helping the program before all is said and done.