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SpoCo Radio Episode 2: Gaze into Our Crystal Balls

We’re looking into the future and giving out our predictions for the Iowa Hawkeyes

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi State vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last week on SpoCo Radio, The People’s Champ, DCIII and I gave you an inside look into our Hawkeye fandom in the form of Stump Speeches for the 2019 season. What will make Iowa successful? How will they get it done? How many wins will they finish with? Can they make the Big Ten title? Who needs to step up? And, most importantly, who is a step away from reaching the his NFL stars?


This week?

We peer deep into our crystal balls to give you our predictions for where the Iowa Hawkeyes football program will go in 2020, 2022 and 2024. Will Kirk Ferentz still be the dean of the NCAA? Will Brian Ferentz be Josh McDaniels OC after a Big Ten Title in 2019? Is Iowa’s schedule too difficult next season or will they continue to reap the benefits of Chris Doyle’s “get fit quick” lifting programs? Will Peyton Mansell or Spencer Petras be the place holder until Deuce Hogan comes in and eventually contends for the Heisman?

We then switch over to this weeks “Love it or Leave it” segment where we discuss the Big Ten West over/unders and why each and every one of you should run/drive/scooter to Jumer’s Sports Book to place a parlay on the Nebraska under and Iowa over as soon as humanly possible (and don’t take “we don’t allow parlay’s on season totals” for an answer).

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All the X’s and O’s.


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