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66 Days Until Iowa Football: Levi Paulsen

His name is Levi Paulsen

Wyoming v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

He cut off the hair for this season!

Landan Paulsen - Senior

Moville, Iowa

6’5”, 305 lbs

2019 Projection: Starting Right Guard

Alrighty, here’s the write up on the other Paulsen. That’s a good primer because these guys are carbon copies of each other on paper.

And despite being led to believe by some that the play of the Paulsen twins is interchangeable, the tape tells a different story.

Levi has played roughly 300 percent more than his brother. He has three starts under his belt at three different positions—right guard and both tackle spots. He started the season opener at right tackle last year as Tristan Wirfs carried out his suspension and was relegated to mop up duty and special teams afterwards.

And now finally, after four years of hearing about the Paulsen’s, we’re gonna have them starting together on the line.

I think.

I bet he can’t long snap. Wouldn’t be surprised if he moved over to center if something happened to Cole Banwart, though.