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73 Days Until Iowa Football: Cody Ince

After taking a redshirt, we’ll likely see this Wisconsin native on the field this season

Minnesota v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

My grandfather had a cabin in Ince’s hometown. It’s just a stoplight and a really good soft serve ice cream stand. There was a pretty cool old timey soda fountain in the town over. Good fishin.

Class: Redshirt Freshman

From: Luck, WI (Unity)

Size: 6-foot-4, 280 lbs

2019 Projection: Backup guard

On the surface, Cody Ince is a classic Iowa offensive line recruit. He’s a slightly undersized offensive line project who primarily played along the defensive line for a small town in the middle of nowhere. Luck, Wisconsin is a town of 1,000 that’s just like any small town in Iowa, only it’s surrounded by lakes.

Tim Polasek, a Wisconsin native, identified Ince early back in 2017, and saw an offensive tackle project. A three-star recruit, he had a mediocre list offers besides Iowa, including Purdue, Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia and UCF. No offer from the hometown Badgers drove Ince across the border.

Once he arrived on campus, his 6’ 6’’ recruiting listing dropped down to 6-4, and became an offensive guard project. Now, after redshirting and Doyleizing up 20 lbs to 280, Ince finds himself on the two-deeps behind either of the Paulsen’s at either of the guard positions.

Ince never took a snap last season. By all accounts, he will this year.