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Iowa football announces start times for 2019 season


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Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Iowa football is BACK in the news with the recent announcing of kickoff times for seven of its games this upcoming season:

Iowa will play Rutgers, Michigan, Purdue and Northwestern at 11am God’s time. The season opener against the lesser Miami is at 6:30 pm, for some reason, while the Cy-Hawk resumes its 3pm timeslot on FS1. The Hawkeyes take on Nebraska at 1:30 on Black Friday, which is a departure from its 11am kick on Fox or ABC. Whatever we’re calling this game nowadays is gonna be at 1:30 on BTN. Apparently, the network fought tooth and nail to declare the rights to this game.

My taeks:

  • I absolute loathe the 6:30 pm start time for the season opener against a team like Miami the Lesser. This game needs to be at 11 so it can be ripped off immediately like the band-aid covering up my grill blister like it is.
  • I HATE the 11am kick against Purdue, too. This one needs to frozen low and slow like the wart it is. (does anyone know a good dermatologist in Chicago?) It is on Homecoming, and that helps, I guess, but goddammit if we lose to Purdue again I’m cutting off my skin tag with butcher’s scissors.
  • Iowa State at 3pm is whatever. Apparently some thought Ames had a chance at hosting Gameday for this? lol k.
  • I’m not worried that Iowa won’t have another night game, but that would be a bummer if the only evening contest of the year at Kinnick was the season opener.
  • That’s enough bitching for one night!