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The Pants Party: We’ve made it to the Iowa Athletics Offseason

Now what do we do?

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi State vs Iowa Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, we’ve made it.

Football is done, basketball is done, and we’ve pretty much reached the end of the road for the 2018-19 athletics calendar, or at least the highly televised portion of it, which means that there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. However, we did find some things to ramble about in this week’s podcast (sorry, we recorded before the Fran to Arkansas rumors so that’s not discussed):

  • Iowa WBB finished with a thud, but it shouldn’t take away from what was a great season for the best basketball team the university has seen in years
  • SPRING FOOTBALL! I got pretty animated in a discussion about expectations for next season
  • Along those lines, is 8-4 too high or too low of a bar for the 2019 Hawks?
  • Jordan Bohannon stole an NCAA Tournament rug, plus some more tourney talk
  • Beers! We talked about ‘em.
  • Fred Hoiberg is bringing his brand of hoops to Nebrasketball. How does that make us feel?

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