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Why I Support Iowa’s Fran McCaffery

And why you should, too

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

These past 48 hours or so have been kind of exhausting. We’ve had crap about Gary Dolphin. Crap about Fran McCaffery. Behind all that crap is crap about Gary Barta.

A quick stroll through our comments and on Twitter, you’d think the window is wide open for Fran to exit Iowa City as quickly as Iowa’s post-season run ends. You’d think people want Iowa to go winless the rest of the season the way people are reacting.

In short, support for Fran seems to be waning.

In writing this, I was reminded of my time as a reporter at the Daily Iowan, when I had the chance to fly out to Dayton and cover Iowa’s loss to Tennessee in the First Four in 2014. Fran’s comments stuck out to me then, and they stick out to me now.

But I likely can’t change your opinion of Fran. And really, I don’t seek to. You’ve probably already made up your mind on Fran McCaffery. He’s been our coach for nine years now, after all. So, what can I say that might make you support this team, and its coach, for the rest of the year—and—(hopefully) beyond?

Surprisingly, I found the answer on Twitter, of all places:

So that’s my excuse. What’s yours?