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FanPulse Week 14: Hawkeyes Hold at 21

Alabama joins the middle of the pack

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when beating Nebraska meant something? Now, you can’t even move up in the FanPulse rankings with a win over the vaunted Blackshirts:

Iowa held steady at 21 in this week’s FanPulse poll with its 27-24 win over Nebraska on Black Friday. In the rest of the conference, Ohio St still can’t claim that #1 spot even after another beat down vs Michigan. Wisconsin jumped over Minnesota after reclaiming the Axe. Nationally, Alabama fell a few spots after its loss vs Auburn but still remained ahead of the Tigers (because of course).

As for how all of you BHGP readers voted:

  1. Ohio State (12-0)
  2. LSU (12-0)
  3. Clemson (12-0)
  4. Georgia (11-1)
  5. Oklahoma (11-1)
  6. Utah (11-1)
  7. Baylor (11-1)
  8. Florida (10-2)
  9. Auburn (9-3)
  10. Alabama (10-2)
  11. Penn State (10-2)
  12. Wisconsin (10-2)
  13. Oregon (10-2)
  14. Memphis (11-1)
  15. Iowa (9-3)
  16. Notre Dame (10-2)
  17. Boise State (11-1)
  18. Minnesota (10-2)
  19. Michigan (9-3)
  20. App State (11-1)
  21. Cincinnati (10-2)
  22. Navy (9-2)
  23. Air Force (10-2)
  24. Virginia (9-3)
  25. Indiana (8-4)

You all have Iowa 15th and couple that with 91% confidence in the program’s direction. Keith Duncan restoring all of the confidence in the fanbase.

As we head into Championship Weekend, the playoff debate rages on. We asked everyone who gets the 4th playoff spot and Utah was the resounding choice:

If Utah wins the Pac-12 Championship this weekend, it seems pretty likely that they’ll be the 4th team in the playoff.

Make sure you’re signed up for the FanPulse poll and have your voice heard. Each week Hawkeye fans vote on the poll, as well as other questions about the direction of the program. Get in on the action today and let your voice be heard!