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SpoCo Radio Episode 37: New Years Resolutions and the Holiday Bowl

What does the Holiday Bowl mean moving forward?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Holiday Bowl - USC v Iowa Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Even though our fearless leader, host and producer extraordinaire is in Israel, the People’s Champ and I decided to take the single hour we had available with our Holiday schedules to jump on the mics and give you all a delightful little pod to listen to as you journey to your New Years Eve parties.

We start the show with Champ’s New Years Resolutions for the football and basketball teams which ultimately brings us into our conversation on the Holiday Bowl. What does this win mean for the future of the Iowa Hawkeye football program? Was this Brian Ferentz Mona Lisa? Is the leash finally off the young OC? Was his play calling and scheme enough to push Champ onto the BF Brigade I’ve been driving since the start SpoCo?

We also touch on the “athletes” Iowa has, how we got here and how/why the next decade of Iowa football should realistically be the greatest stretch of football the Hawkeye State has ever seen.

And before we end the show, we touch on the Franimal House, what our Big Ten expectations are and what we forsee for them heading into 2020.

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