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Check out BreakingT’s George Kittle Iowa Merch Collection!

The People’s Tight End T-shirt and hoodies have arrived in black & gold!

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Alright, the holidays are behind us and it’s time to turn our attention to the new year. But what if you didn’t get that Iowa swag you were hoping for? You’re in luck!

We’ve got a new partnership with BreakingT on some great new George Kittle merch. Remember George, the skinny, under recruited receiver from Oklahoma that Doyle turned into a fifth round selection by the San Francisco 49ers?

Yeah, that guy’s a Pro Bowler for the second straight year and helped the Niners to a first round bye with another huge performance last night. And now he’s working with BreakingT on some officially licensed gear for Hawkeye fans.

Give it a look-see. You may recognize the Lucha Mask hoodie as Kittle himself has been sporting a Niners red one in post-game pressers. The material is quality and soft. The prices are in line with similar products. And you get to rep the best tight end in the league.

You know you’ve got that Christmas money and all those new gift cards just burning a hole in your pocket..

The People’s Tight End Iowa Collection

The Lucha Mask Iowa Collection