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The Pants Party: Still riding that sweet, sweet, Nebraska high

Beating Nebraska is always fun and a great way to end the season. 10/10. Would recommend

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa Hawkeyes beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Did you hear? Their season is over. Kind of cool.

After discussing the game at length, we pose some questions while going through some season-ending stats from the conference. Would being 10-2 with losses to Wisconsin & Nebraska be better or worse than Iowa’s current status.

We also revisit Ben’s season-opening piece predicting some things which happened. Where did he go right? Where is he incredibly wrong?

We close with some Hawkeye basketball talk. Plus: Is DePaul actually good? My William Hill account says so!

Listen below or on your favorite podcast vehicle.

Happy Tuesday!

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