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You be the coach: How should Iowa divvy up Jordan Bohannon’s minutes?

Jordan Bohannon averaged 25 minutes per game. Who should get those minutes and why?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Life without Jordan Bohannon starts now for Iowa basketball.

So, now that Bohannon is officially done for the season, how should head coach Fran McCaffery divvy up his 25 minutes per game?

Here’s how Iowa’s eight-man rotation looks like, minus Bohannon:

  • Luka Garza: 30
  • Joe Wieskamp: 30
  • CJ Fredrick: 26
  • Connor McCaffery: 28
  • Joe Toussaint: 15
  • Ryan Kriener: 14
  • Cordell Pemsl: 11
  • Bakari Evelyn: 13

Totals rounded to the nearest whole minute

Where do you go from here?

Here’s how I would allocate those 25 minutes.

Luka Garza: +3 minutes

Why: Granted, he isn’t a guard, but I feel in general Garza’s minutes should (and will) be on the rise, especially with the thick of conference play right around the corner.

Per 100 minutes, Garza is the only Hawkeye starter with an offensive rating above 120 and a defensive rating below 100, according to Basketball Reference.

Joe Wieskamp: +3 minutes

Wieskamp has the best offensive skill set of the Hawkeyes, but he’s had a slow start to the season. These past two games, though, he’s reminded fans of just how good he was as a freshman.

Wieskamp has shot 50 percent or better in Iowa’s wins over Minnestota and Iowa State — his best two-game shooting stretch this season. In both games combined, he scored 36 points and made seven of his 13 3-point attempts.

Granted, Wieskamp isn’t necessarily the facilitator as Bohannon, but he makes up for that in scoring. I’d love to see Iowa go to him more — he only had a 19.5 usage percentage this season.

CJ Fredrick: +4 minutes

Fredrick has been Mr. Consistent for Iowa’s shooting this season.

Out of players with legitimate minutes this year (more than 100), he leads the way with 56.7 percent shooting from the field. He’s the only player on Iowa’s roster shooting better than 50 percent from 3-point range.

Plus, he’s not a bad passer, either. Fredrick has a 20.7 assist percentage, less than two percent below Bohannon.

I’m a big advocate for Fredrick and will continue to be such until proven otherwise.

Connor McCaffery: +5

Even before the announcement on Bohannon, McCaffery was Iowa’s primary facilitator, and that’s not changing.

McCaffery had an incredible four-game stretch where he didn’t commit a single turnover in 119 minutes. He dished 14 assists over that stretch, too.

McCaffery isn’t going to transition into a scoring role now that Bohannon is out, but look for him to dominate Iowa’s primary ball-handling spot, freeing up Wieskamp and Fredrick to play even more off the ball.

Joe Toussaint: +10

Huge jump in minutes for the freshman here, but he deserves it.

Toussaint will be getting close to starter minutes in Bohannon’s absence... and he might even get the starting nod, depending on what sort of combination Fran McCaffery wants to roll with.

Toussaint averages a team-best 8.6 assists per 100 possessions while coming off the bench. He’s active defensively, too, clocking a 4.5 steal percentage — best out of Hawkeyes with at least 100 minutes this season.

The biggest thing that stands out to me about Toussaint, though, is his aggression. Toussaint has shot more free throws this season than any Hawkeye except Garza. He’s not afraid to drive to the bucket and battle in the paint for chances at the line.

Out of Iowa’s newcomers, he’s had by far the biggest impact. And that role is only going to increase with Bohannon out.

Here’s what Iowa’s minutes look like with these (hypothetical) increases

  • Luka Garza: 33
  • Joe Wieskamp: 33
  • CJ Fredrick: 30
  • Connor McCaffery: 33
  • Joe Toussaint: 25
  • Ryan Kriener: 14
  • Cordell Pemsl: 11
  • Bakari Evelyn: 13