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Iowa Football: Getting Ready for San Diego

Iowa practicing while USC is doing their own thing.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl - Baylor v UCLA Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images

Iowa takes on USC on December 27 in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. While still 11 days away, I’m sure that Iowa has been following through on it’s same game plan that they have used with success in the past (the last two years at least).

Pundits are quick to say that USC has all the talent (aka speed) and have been predicted to win the Holiday Bowl.

However, a look at an article from the USC side of the aisle shows that their history of bowl preparation is dicey to say the least. As of last Monday, USC hadn’t done any real work on the practice field and it doesn’t seem like the math will work to get them their ten practices that they are eligible to receive.

Give the article a read and see if you think that means the coaching staff is confident or incompetent.

As you can guess, the commenters from the USC side are as sane and reasonable as all other schools.

Kirk Ferentz is 8-8 in bowl games as the head coach at Iowa and will be looking to show once again that hard working midwesteners can defeat the media darling, fast-moving athletes from the west coast.

In non-football news, here is reportedly a picture of Spencer Lee getting ready to begin his quest to qualify for the Olympics starting next week.

However, I do the research for you guys and in fact, this is actually Spencer Lee.