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Throwback Thursday: The Time Steve Prohm Put Hands on an Opposing Player

Coaches lose their tempers sometimes. Thankfully, Iowa doesn’t have a coach so out of control he would put his hands on an opposing player.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Iowa State
Remember the time noted hothead Steve Prohm put his hands on Jordan Bohannon?
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawkeyes and Cyclones will face off tonight in a big non-conference hoops contest for both schools. With the game approaching and the inherent distaste among fans from each school, emotions are notably high.

Lat yesterday, Iowa senior guard Jordan Bohannon took to social media to emphasize both is dislike for Iowa State and his intention to get another win against the Cyclones.

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Lames tomorrow night. See y’all there

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The lead image sparked plenty of memories from last year’s 98-84 Cy-Hawk win for the Hawkeyes. As you’ll recall, there were some sparks early in the matchup featuring Cordell Pemsl, Connor McCaffery and Iowa State’s Michael Jacobsen.

Later, with the game in hand and McCaffery running out the clock, Jacobsen and Marial Shayok took out their frustration at being blown out in Iowa City by attempting to knock the ball away and talking some ill-conceived smack. McCaffery responded with his own smack (likely, “check the scoreboard, genius”) as Jordan Bohannon and Nicholas Baer came running in to ensure things didn’t get out of hand.

That’s when noted hot head Steve Prohm stepped in, not to get his players off the court break things up, but to physically restrain the aforementioned Bohannon after chasing him down. Prohm proceeded follow Bohannon screaming at him while being restrained by officials.

Neither Iowa State nor the Big Twelve saw fit to reprimand Prohm. You can see the full exchange below.

Good times. Here’s hoping Prohm can keep his hands to himself tonight, despite another blowout loss to the Hawkeyes.