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Hawkeye Football: Your Friday Forecast for Iowa at Wisconsin

Cool fall weather without rain awaits Iowa in Madison.

Herky and the cheerleaders may need jackets at Camp Randall on Saturday.
Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One often overlooked aspect of college football game day is the impact weather can have. No, we’re not just talking about how it impacts playing conditions, but also road conditions (this is Iowa, after all, there is bound to be snow in November) and perhaps most importantly, tailgating conditions.

Each week we’ll be updating you on the forecast for game day so you can plan your day accordingly.

The Hawkeyes travel to Madison to play Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. Iowa just enjoyed their bye week and prior to that they shutout Northwestern 20-0 on the road. Saturday’s game against Wisconsin is basically an elimination match for the Big Ten West championship.

The Forecast

While it shouldn’t rain, it will definitely be cold throughout the morning and up until game time. If you like temperatures in the 30s, this is the day for you. Tailgating in the morning will definitely be cold. Find a way to stay warm and make sure to hydrate appropriately.

Traffic Conditions

Friday night should be dry so if you come in the night before, there shouldn’t be any issues as long as your heater is working.

Game Time

By game time at 3:00 p.m., the temperature may get to 40 degrees. With a slight breeze and no rain, the better team (Iowa) should win.

The Hawkeyes are in the driver’s seat for the next two weeks. With wins against Wisconsin and at home versus Minnesota, the conference championship is there to be had. Weather won’t be an impact this weekend so it’s up to the defense to carry the load and lead Iowa to a victory.

Go Hawks!