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Iowa Wrestling: Jaydin Eierman is transferring to Iowa

The 3x All-American from Mizzou is going to be a Hawkeye.


Yesterday afternoon news broke that Jaydin Eierman, the 3x AA from Mizzou, was entering the transfer portal. The wrestling pundits and social media lost their collective minds as this seemingly came from leftfield and took everyone by surprise. Chat forums and articles exploded over the possibilities of his future destination. Not more than 24 hours later we have our answer: IOWA.

Tony Hager and IAwrestle broke the internet when they dropped the story.

Eierman is elite. Like super-duper elite. As mentioned, he’s a 3x AA, never finishing lower than 5th and is currently rocking a career record of 84-14 as varsity starter with a staggering 60 wins by bonus point. 17 of his 28 wins last year alone were by fall. He is a bonus point machine and gives us an instant title contender at either 141lbs or 149lbs.

What does this mean for 2019?

Well, probably not much. Jaydin is an accomplished freestyle wrestler and is taking an Olympic redshirt, which means he will not compete for either Mizzou, or now, Iowa this season. The move to Iowa City is also probably inspired by our Hawkeye Wrestling Club and their momentum. Eierman is aiming to represent the United States at 65kgs for the 2020 games in Tokyo and was looking for a stronger RTC (regional training center). He’s found one with Mark Perry and the HWC.

But, considering he’s entering the transfer portal it makes me think he’s coming to Iowa City as soon as possible to start his training. While he officially won’t be with the team and on the roster, he will be rolling around with our student athletes. Having a guy of his caliber in that room is an unprecedented boost. His creative style and knowledge will pay immediate dividends to likes of Kaleb Young, Pat Lugo, Max Murin, Vince Turk, and Austin DeSanto to name a few.

So what does this mean for 2021 and beyond?

It means everything. Our current 149lber, All-American Pat Lugo, will be graduating after this season. Eierman could step in in his final year and give us a legit title contender if he chooses to go that weight. Or he can stay the course and duke it out with a loaded 141lbs field. Either way, it’s a win-win. With all but Lugo and Cash Wilcke returning in 2021 (assuming Michael Kemerer is also back), this move could make Iowa the out-right title favorite heading into next season.

As mentioned previously, he wants to train for the Olympics and make an extended run at the men’s senior level. This means he’ll more than likely be in Iowa City for the next several years training and competing at the world level, but with the HWC and Hawkeye brand attached to his name. This is the type of move that shifts the landscape and can severely alter the course of a program. Having a guy like Eierman dedicating himself to the HWC for the foreseeable future is going have to a massive impact not only on our current roster, but future recruits as well.

Eierman is a game changer. Eierman is a Hawkeye.