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SBNation FanPulse Week 10 Rankings

Did Iowa have the week off? Yes. Did Iowa fall out of the Top 25? Also yes!

NCAA Football: Iowa at Northwestern Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Last week saw many top 25 teams with the week off so there aren’t many changes to the FanPulse Top 25 this week but below are the results:

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party saw Georgia beat Florida and the Gators falling out of the Top 10 as a result. Oregon and Utah rode big wins into higher rankings. Not much else changed significantly in the polls this week except for our beloved Hawkeyes falling out of the Top 25.

Despite having the week off, Iowa fell from 25th to ‘also receiving votes’ in this week’s poll. Those votes they received must have only come from Iowa fans because all of you beautiful people had Iowa 19th in the poll. You all are also more confident in the Hawkeyes when they take a week off too. Iowa fan confidence is up to 80% heading into what is essentially a B1G West semi-final game vs Wisconsin this week.

Iowa-Wisconsin is obviously the game we’re all most looking forward to but we make a very very small minority of college football fans. 3.7% of us are most excited for the Hawkeyes and Badgers teeing off while 69% of voters are most excited for #1 LSU vs #2 Alabama. Another large group of fans are excited for undefeated Minnesota is also hosting Penn St. Here’s the chance for Minnesota to prove their season isn’t a fluke.

Make sure you’re signed up for the FanPulse poll and have your voice heard. Each week Hawkeye fans vote on the poll, as well as other questions about the direction of the program. Get in on the action today and let your voice be heard!