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The Pants Party: Just how good is Iowa’s defense?

After another Hawkeyes victory, the guys look to some impressive defensive stats

NCAA Football: Illinois at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa Hawkeyes victory have them at 8-3, in large part because of their defense. We take a look at their impressive string of scoring defense and discuss the enjoyment found from watching it. But we do open with a discussion about parents and Netflix.

We then transition to a discussion of Nate Stanley and his place in Hawkeye history. Is there enough nuance when talking about his career?

Iowa hoops is back but there are serious hesitations about this team. Is a strong performance against Texas Tech integral in building some positive fan sentiment?

And Nebraska talk. I know Hawkeye fans have lost respect for that program, but “We had to evaluate where Iowa is as a program” is evergreen fodder for Chris Doyle in game prep.

Listen below or on your favorite podcast vehicle.

Happy Tuesday!

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