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FanPulse Week 12: Iowa re-enters after Minnesota Upset

Hawkeyes sail to 22 in this week’s poll

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when you upset a previously undefeated team? You end up back in the FanPulse Top 25!

Iowa re-emerged in the Top 25, coming in at 22 in this week’s rankings. Iowa is also the highest rated 3-loss team in the poll which sounds right considering Iowa’s 3 losses are all against top 20 teams. Minnesota’s loss caused its ranking to take on some water as the Gophers fell out of the Top 10. LSU remains number one despite showing some cracks defensively last week. Ohio State is lurking in the 2 spot with a chance to vault to one with a win against Penn St. this weekend.

Minnesota and Baylor’s losses coupled with Tua’s injury for Alabama begs the question, who is most likely to make the playoff in that 4 spot? The voters believe it’ll be between Georgia and Oregon with Georgia eeking out the win 30.4% to 29.7%.

Looking at the Iowa voters specifically, the Hawkeyes are up to 18th in the poll and 86% of you are now back in on the direction of the program. That’s up from a measly 29% the week prior proving that just a little bit of innovation on offense can help settle down a disgruntled fan base..

Make sure you’re signed up for the FanPulse poll and have your voice heard. Each week Hawkeye fans vote on the poll, as well as other questions about the direction of the program. Get in on the action today and let your voice be heard!