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Black Heart Gold Giveaway

The holidays are just around the corner and we’re kicking them off by giving away some pretty cool merch.

Penn State v Iowa
Here’s your chance to get some pretty cool Kinnick memorabilia for free!
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

November is a wonderful time of year. Fall is fully upon us and as we begin that agonizing transition to winter, we get to enjoy that small sliver of the pie chart where sports fans can take in football on basketball at the same time. The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and with it the inevitable transition out of fall and football into winter, basketball and the holiday season.

As you get ready for the transition, we’re here to help. The Pants is working with a couple of fantastic new partners to bring you some very cool giveaways, just in time for your holiday shopping.

The first is Ballpark Blueprints. Folks, if you haven’t heard of them, you’re in for a treat. Ballpark Blueprints makes high quality prints of stadiums, golf courses and more. But it’s not just prints you can frame and hang in your (wo)man cave. They also do calendars, club covers, shirts, hats, ties, blankets, and on and on and on. If there’s a stadium that means something to you, they have a print of it and it’s on just about anything you can think of.

The Kinnick Stadium print shows an elevation view from the south endzone with a view of the historic Kinnick statue the players touch on their entrance to the stadium while the aerial shows the stadium in its entirety. It’s up to date for the north endzone renovation and includes some interesting stadium stats along the right side.

I’m telling you, it will look great wherever you put it.

The fine folks at BB were kind enough to send yours truly a sample print and I can verify it is really a cool product (did you think I’d be out here peddling some piece of garbage?). I was working on selecting a frame when, and I kid you not, my wife told me she loved the color and though we could hang it somewhere upstairs. Upstairs. Like, where the rest of the family lives. Not in the man cave, restricted exclusively for the bros and game watching, but up in our real life house with all the stuff she picks out and I have no say in. Is there a better stamp of approval?

Now, I’m not here telling you all this because I want you to go buy one or because I’m getting some sweet commission from a paid sponsor (although, now that I think about it...). No, I’m telling you how great this thing is because Ballpark Blueprints is giving one away to one of YOU. That’s right, before you even get started with you Black Friday and Cyber Monday and whatever other kind of holiday shopping, we’re giving you a shot at a high quality, really cool gift for yourself or some other Hawkeye fan in your life.

You in?

Of course you’re in! Alright, here’s how to get entered. Get out your phone, iPad or just open another browser tab (if you have fewer than 8 open at a time you’re doing it wrong) and head to all the social media platforms you can think of. If for some absurd reason you aren’t already, smash that follow button on @BHGP on Twitter, like the Black Heart Gold Pants Facebook page, follow @bhgpants on Instagram and head over to your favorite podcast source and click subscribe to the BHGP podcast feed.

That’s the easy part. If you hadn’t already done those things, do you even Hawkeye, bro? Maybe, but whatever. Do it now. Then head back to Twitter and follow all of our staff members: @JPinIC_BHGP @renboss23 @HD_starr @JerryScherwin @davecreagh @tnels20 @A_Hens83 and @ChiPeoplesChamp. And while you’re there, you might as well hit the follow button on @BallparkArt.

And that’s it. Comment on the post below, slide in the DMs or email us at with your username so we can verify (brownie points for those that just show the screen shots). The winner of the free print will be announced on SpoCo Radio next week ahead of Iowa’s matchup with Nebraska, so be sure you’re subscribed to the podcast feed and listening next week.

Good luck and go Hawks!