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SpoCo Radio Episode 28: Rowing the Boat to Happiness

From the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs, we’re here through it all

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, we’re all back on board and already selling ourselves on the future of this program under Brian Ferentz and his cohort of young and super athletic offensive toys. You didn’t really think we’d stay down forever did you? Hell no, man! This is the life we choose and in good times and bad, like the great Will Smith once said, we’re Bad Boys for Life.

We also dive into the happiness this win brought us and if we were able to shut off that little voice in the back of hour head that seemingly kept telling us “it’s a day late and a dollar short”. We also realize that maybe the Iowa offense really wasn’t that good and if Iowa didn’t take the ball to start the game and completely through off all of Minnesota’s grand plans that would keep them perfect, maybe we’d be talking about a different result (after all, Minnesota was one literal foot away from having the 4-points they needed to at least get this thing into OT).

What happened in that first half? Why did it stop in the second half? Who’s choice do we think it was to come out of the gate swinging with our offense? Is that feeling I have in the pit of my stomach about KF slowly turning the rest of this season over to BF real? Does anyone else have it too?

Who knows.

But, at the end of the day, Bacon is good. Beating Minnesota is good. Floyd staying home is good. SpoCo Radio is good.

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