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Hawkeye Football: Your Gameday Forecast for Iowa vs. Minnesota

Cool and dry for the game. Bundle up and be thankful it’s twenty degrees warmer than a couple days ago.

Iowa Hawkeyes va. Minnesota Gophers football. Iowa won 23-7. Iowa’s Carl Davisi (71) showed Iowa fans the Floyd of Rosedale trophy the end of the game. (MARLIN LEVISON/STARTRIBUNE(
Floyd of Rosedale is important to the players and fans. Iowa will try to keep the pig in Iowa City this Saturday.

One often overlooked aspect of college football game day is the impact weather can have. No, we’re not just talking about how it impacts playing conditions, but also road conditions (this is Iowa, after all, there is bound to be snow in November) and perhaps most importantly, tailgating conditions.

Each week we’ll be updating you on the forecast for game day so you can plan your day accordingly.

The Hawkeyes host an undefeated Minnesota Saturday afternoon. Iowa dropped another close game against a ranked foe (sound familiar?) 24-22 to Wisconsin knocking them out of the Big Ten West race. Now at play is bowl positioning and the chance to play spoiler to the Gophers

The Forecast

Basically the forecast is normal for a mid-November day, dry and cool. Temperatures will be mainly in the 30s throughout the day though with the wind, it will feel like the 20s and 30s.

Traffic/Tailgating Conditions

There shouldn’t be any road condition issues as the only remaining snow will be isolated to a few yards. Some tailgating spots may be limited due to ground conditions so be prepared to potentially spend a little more time looking for a spot.

For those coming in on Friday evening, there shouldn’t be any precipitation so safe travels.

Game Time

By game time at 3:00 p.m., the day will be as nice as it’s going to get. If the sun is out it will feel cool but once the sun goes away, it will probably feel cold with the ten+ mile an hour breeze. Bundle up, hold the one you love close, and cheer on the Hawks.

No longer in the race for the conference championship, Iowa may play a little more loose and will want to take down a top ten ranked Minnesota team that has been getting a lot of national press lately. Weather shouldn’t be an impact this weekend so Iowa should be able to use its superior talent to earn a victory over the gophers from up north.

Go Hawks!