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The Pants Party: Why can’t we have nice things?

Everyone’s back to air their frustration about the loss to Wisconsin

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back from hiatus to discuss all the bad things that happened during the Iowa Hawkeyes-Wisconsin Badgers american football game. Some major questions we hit:

  • Did it ever feel like Iowa was going to win that game?
  • What is life like with Golden Gopher fans in the lives of two of the cohosts?
  • If Iowa got to 10-3, would it feel good?

But first, we want to thank Ballpark Blueprints (@BallparkArt on the Twitter machine) for reaching out and giving us our first life read and literally, a nice thing. They recently drew up a Kinnick Stadium print, which is available here. Type in HAWKEYES at checkout to save 10% through Christmas Eve!

Listen below or on your favorite podcast vehicle.

Happy Tuesday!

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