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FanPulse Week 11: Minnesota Rows into the Top 10

Iowa falls out of the Top 25 after another loss to a ranked team

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As much as us Hawkeyes might not want to admit it, this past weekend was full of great college football games. Below is the latest FanPulse Top 25:

Let’s get the part we all don’t want to discuss out of the way. Iowa is no longer in the Top 25 and deservedly so after yet another lackluster offensive performance against a Top 25 team. You all are also not confident in the direction of the program. Only 29% of you all are confident in the direction of the program. There are a number of posts out there about why you should or shouldn’t be confident in the program so I won’t use this space to do the same but there is undoubtedly a variety of different opinions about the program at the moment. Heck, even some of you still think this is a Top 25 program as Iowa was 22nd in the Iowa specific poll results.

Taking a bigger picture at these rankings, LSU firmly held onto it’s number one ranking after going into Tuscaloosa and beating Alabama. Minnesota jumped 6 spots after beating Penn State at home and legitimizing themselves as a true contender this season. The biggest news this week is Indiana (!!!) entered the Top 25 this week and have gotten some much deserved attention nationally.

Going back to the LSU-Alabama game, it looks like Joe Burrow had his Heisman moment. He’s the overwhelming favorite to win the Heisman after his performance.

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