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KIRK SPEAKS: The specialists

It’s another bye week, which means it’s time to hear from the specialist coaches

Miami Ohio v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It’s a bye week for Iowa football. And with no opponent to preview for this Saturday, Kirk Ferentz did not meet with the media. Instead, as he does two times during the season, he let his position coaches meet with the media.

Running backs coach Derrick Foster, receivers coach Kelton Copeland, linebackers coach Seth Wallace and defensive line coach Kelvin Bell all answered questions from the media. However, this week, unlike normal, the program did not release full transcripts of the conversations, so this will be a little different. I’ve tried to scour the Iowa Football Live twitter as well as the Twitter pages of the Iowa media, to gather as much insight as I can. Check out the highlights below.

I agree with this. Doyle in particular was a difference maker on Saturday and his strong play has been a big factor in the last two wins. Same with Campbell, honestly.

Let’s talk more defense:

I think this is a really interesting quote from a culture perspective. I think it’s safe to say that this is Phil Parker’s most complete defensive unit since taking over as defensive coordinator, and a lot of it has to do with his game planning, as well as the culture he has instilled in the group. Whatever he’s doing, his guys are all bought in, including Seth Wallace and Kelvin Bell. It’s good to see them taking advantage of that wisdom from him, because if I was a rival AD, I’d certainly be eyeing Parker for a promotion after the season, and it’s good that these guys learn as much as they can...

I think all of us have seen all of those things that Foster describes from Tyler Goodson this season. I adore Mekhi Sargent, but can we make him the No. 1 back already? Besides Brandon Smith, who has made more explosive plays this season? I can’t think of anyone.

Speaking of Smith...

Smith and Goodson have been the two breakout stars of the season in my opinion. It’s rare to see that kind of athleticism in an Iowa wideout, and I hope he becomes the archetype of guys to come.


I agree with this for the most part. ISM has really stepped it up this year, and Nate Stanley has definitely missed him a few times in critical moments. But as far as the heartbeat of the offense? I’d say that’s Nate Stanley, for better or worse.

And of course, let’s talk Oliver Martin:

I think this is the answer that we all knew we would get regarding Martin. Is it possible Iowa fans have overhyped him? Yes. Is it possible he’s taking time to learn the system and the playbook, and get faster for next season? Yes. Is it possible that the coaching staff is purposefully keeping him off the field for some reason? Also yes.

And last but not least, at least some answers on the injury front:

Enjoy the bye weekend, everyone. Let’s hope the offense is putting in some extra work.