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SpoCo Radio Episode 22: Layeth the Smacketh Down!

The People’s Champ gave the Northwestern fans the People’s Elbow

Iowa v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

While the train situation out of Evanston wasn’t the best for the People’s Champ, SpoCo Radio is still here to give you a quick recap pod from today’s amazing, beautiful, lovely, inspiring shutout of the Northwestern Wildcats. Was Champ every worried like the rest of us who had to deal with the ongoing ESPN2 issues? How did the defense look on the field and were the as dominant as it looked on TV? Did Brian Ferentz find himself a play making tight end and is that the last missing piece to this offense exploding the rest of the season? How were the Northwestern fans and how did they take to Champ’s constant chirping?

All of the answers to this and more... just hit play baby!

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All the X’s and O’s.


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