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SpoCo Radio Episode 22: Playing the Percentages and (just) Northwestern

Is this really the greatest D in the Kirk Ferentz era? YUP!

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of SpoCo Radio, the boys and I talk about the likelihood of different things happening in the conference the rest of the way. For example, what are the chances there is coaching turnover with the Hawkeyes, JK Dobbins leads the Big Ten in rushing, Nate Stanley finishes the season as the Big Ten passing leader and more.

After that, I get extremely optimistic about the Hawkeyes winning the West and try to talk DC and Champ into it before we finally preview the game against Northwestern.

Before I hit you all with the link, we need your help. Producer DCIII is champing at the bit waiting for your voicemails. We have gotten a few and they have been great, but it’s difficult putting just one voicemail on the air. We want to cut them up into an amazing clip each and every week. So please, I beg you all, hit us up at 224-661-0909. Hit us up from the tailgates, the game, your basement, the cornfield, where ever and leave us your hottest takes, thoughts, questions and ideas. Nothing should be left on the cutting room floor!

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All the X’s and O’s.


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